Sunday, July 26, 2009


This evening, my bestie Sarah (babydoll) text me that.... she found a same bag as the one she ordered frm me.. at a mall sumwhere around Shah Alam.. Oops! It's too P&C too reveal eyh...

The same bag but obviously with different price then.. RM30 there! I just laughed around.. and yeah! That's the reality then... So it's all in ur hands to make a rite choice :)

P/S: Thanx Sarah darling for that info.. maybe I can go there to see it myself :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Glam it Up!

This is a coin purse

Small (Palm size)- I have the sample with me

Available in Pretty Pink, Dark Brown, Apple Green, White Silver and Vibrant Orange

Price = RM8/each

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"..Malaysia is Growing on ME..."

A shop in Central Market (Pasar Seni, KL) sent me these to sell as they want to add-up other new stocks in the shop... Plus, the goods sold there are definitely more expensive (as souvenirs for tourists bla bla bla) than the price that I'd luv to sell here...

Here, I will make a CLEARANCE (LIMITED-first come, first serve)

Material: Songket-pattern (smooth & nice) + PVC

Available in Glam Gold, Funky Fuschia, Grassy Green and Oriental Orange

The goods are clutch-size (see pictures above)

Nice as gifts, convenient as make-up bag or anything u favor for

Price = RM10/each

All-in-One Case

Available in Red, Dark Brown, Black and Light Brown

Capable as handphone-holder (depends on size) and IC and other cards holder

Can be used as coin purse bcuz it has the back zip

Or..might be usable as what u want it to...

The size is small..palm-size maybe (anyway, I've got the sample with me)

Price = RM 5/each (LIMITED! HURRY!)

Dark Brown case: Last Piece (only 1 available)

Checked All the Way!!!!

Available in Moss Blue, Orangy Red and Pink Purplish

Medium size (not oversized)

Not capable of carrying too heavy stuffs

The items are so limited (first come, first serve)

Price = RM 20/each

SOLD OUT - Orangy Red

SOLD OUT - Pink Purplish

SOLD OUT - Moss Blue

It's Not TOUS... It's TOUSie Bear :p

Available only in this design and color

Material: Velvet + PVC


Not so capable and durable of carrying heavy stuffs

Price = RM 17/each


EXTRA Splurge! Colorful Way of Bags...

All Bags available with white background

...together with colorful & attractive design

Medium size (not oversized)

Not so capable and durable of carrying heavy stuffs

Price = RM 20/each

Autumn in My Bag

Available in Golden Brown, Silver Black and Silver Dark Brown

Material: Velvet + PVC

Medium size (not oversized)

Price = RM15/each

They're Sisters...

Available only in this design

Medium size (not oversized)

The black background (not exactly black- a bit dull)

Price = RM 15/each

Friday, July 17, 2009

EXTRA ITEM: Nichi's Knit Top is Up-for-Grab !

(PHOTOS and ITEM belongs to: ADILA)

Available in only S size (petite)

Navy Blue in color

Still in good condition

Only worn for trying (checking in front of the mirror bla bla bla)

The actual Price = RM 59.90 (price tag is still available)


Sunday, July 12, 2009

LIMITED STOCK: First Come, First Serve...HURRY!

This is a uniquely-designed coin purse

Only available in 1 design & style

Other style will be coming later (but in another shape)

The actual size (see middle picture)

Price= RM8/each

Only available with 7 units!

These are LIMITED STOCKS! Please make an order NOW if interested...!

*RESERVED (1)= Amalina (Finiey's friend)

SOLD TO= Nomie

"Kita Minum Dulu!"

Available in pink, orange, violet, yellow, beige and black

The size (see above)

Suitable as a personal use or as a sophisticated gift

Price= RM 5/each

Stuffy and Handy with STYLE!

Available in orange, violet and blue

Rough and Durable Material

Price= RM15/each

SOLD OUT - Orange
SOLD OUT - Violet


Rough and durable material

Price= RM 15/each

Available in blue (referred to above) and orange

Rough and durable material

Price= RM15/each

*SOLD TO= Yanie (Lala's Housemate)

SOLD OUT - Lime Green

Available in blue and orange

Rough and durable

The size is slightly smaller that Retro Alice (see above)

Price= RM 15/each


I.E: Textbook, Dictionary, Laptop (depends) etc

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Glitter In the Sunlight

Most Preferred One ...
Available in Black Jacob as well ...

= Available (ONLY 1)

RESERVED (1) to Sara

*Black Jacob
= Available (4)

The White Aviator= SOLD OUT

All shades are available at ONLY RM8-10!

Not only for Gurlz... Guyz also can wear it...

Why Wait..???

Dun doesn't look as it RM8! U can trust me on that...

For Him...



Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Cute Gift for Your Car

Flower = SOLD OUT!
Froggie= Available (ONLY 2)
Butterfly=SOLD OUT
Kitty = Available (ONLY 4)
Mickey= Available (ONLY 3)

* Thanx for all the buyers..really appreciate it.. muahhx ::*

Flip Flap Solar Pots

Each= RM 8

Other designs will be updated soon


Welcome to Save-iour Shop ;)